Okay this actaully happened today. My friend shouted 'Zeus your crazy!' many times and then he said. 'Hera I'm the son of Zeus!' Then we saw clouds forming in the mountians. The clouds were forming very slowly, but we felt wind coming his way. We thought he was either going to get blasted by Zeus either today or tomorrow. So we took one step back just in case we get hit by lighting. So what do you think what's going to happen to him tommorow? Would Zeus still be angery at him? I mean he told him that he's crazy like 5 or 6 time and told Hera he was the son of Zeus 2 times?

Then the next day he kept on saying it, but differently. He said. "Zeus your a nut head!" Then to 'Hera you're phyicotic!" Then. 'Poseidon your an idiot!'

Then more clouds starte to form. I punched him for saying that to Poseidon becaues he's my dad.

Now he kept on repeating those lines today on December 15th, but only with Zeus and Hera and not Poseidon. Right now it's realy clouding and less blue and sun.

Now on December 19th, my friend told me he was still trying to make Zeus and Hera angery until he gets smite. He seriously wants to get killed by them.

The first time was actually a dare from me, but the next day it wasn't. He just wants to shorten his life span and get himself killed. By the way he is the son of Apollo.