• KrspaceT

    Okay, we have six heroes; Percy, Leo and Piper of Greece, and Frank, Hazel and Jason of Rome. But who would be the seventh hero?

    The Seventh hero could easily unbalance the group, sending it off like the Big Brother house....bad allusion but you get the point.

    A Demigod, unknown to either side...a new one....

    Most likely appearing in book 3, it would be something to be a shocker, an unexpected change, like Nico was.......

    I have a odd feeling that the seventh Demigod would be something no one has ever seen before......

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  • KrspaceT

    Okay, whoever keeps adding the image with the severed head and various blood body parts, QUIT IT ITS DISGUSTING AND POINTLESS. BE MATURE! ADMINS, BAN THE JERK! please

    Who agrees?

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  • KrspaceT

    Bianca Di Angelo, Daughter of Hades as we all read died in the JunkYard of the Gods to take out Talos and save Percy, Thalia, Grover and Zoe. However, this doesn't seem right in the following ways

    1. Why was their a mythomagic figurine in the junkyard? What god plays that game?
    2. To add to it, it was the exact piece that Nico wanted, and couldn't find
    3. Despite being from a cursed junkyard, Nico has not had any so called bad luck since he got it towards the end of Battle of the Labyrinth
    4. The good weather that followed it, who controls the sky?
    5. That a "certain god" had tried to kill her beforehand

    What does this mean? Could Zeus have set her up to die, or another god. Could similar plots have befallen Nico if he hadn't been shadow traveling so much in …

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  • KrspaceT

    Curious, if theres a heart of the west (Greece and Rome), is there a Heart of the East, North and South?. I mean, the East has its own style, and the North and the South are similar yet still flow their own way.


    Heart of the East (Asia)

    Heart of the North (Norse)

    Heart of the South (???_

    Heart of the Middle (AKA, between East and West, Egypt)

    What do you guys think?

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