Bianca Di Angelo, Daughter of Hades as we all read died in the JunkYard of the Gods to take out Talos and save Percy, Thalia, Grover and Zoe. However, this doesn't seem right in the following ways

  1. Why was their a mythomagic figurine in the junkyard? What god plays that game?
  2. To add to it, it was the exact piece that Nico wanted, and couldn't find
  3. Despite being from a cursed junkyard, Nico has not had any so called bad luck since he got it towards the end of Battle of the Labyrinth
  4. The good weather that followed it, who controls the sky?
  5. That a "certain god" had tried to kill her beforehand

What does this mean? Could Zeus have set her up to die, or another god. Could similar plots have befallen Nico if he hadn't been shadow traveling so much in Hades. This fact rules out Persephone, as she had at least 1 year, maybe even a year in a half, to kill him, but other than one dandylion incident, they've been rather civil.

And another thing, Percy has some similar matters to a similar point

  1. His grandparents were killed by a airplane crash? Now, who controls the sky, and who also had a son whose the god of prophecies?
  2. Thunder struck the car of Percy, Grover and Sally in the first book, before he had been even claimed. Since Zeus controls lightning, could this have been an attempt to get rid of him early on
  3. Sending the Chimera and Echinda to attack a virtually untrained demigod was overkill. At the same time, was Percy doing anything that was considerably problematic? What could Posiedon gain by sending his son into America's heartland and far from his domain? Even if Zeus could have said it was to steal the helm from Hades, why not travel by water?
  4. The delayed response to action against the reviving titans, as commented by Artemis in the Titan's curse, makes you wonder. Zeus is supposed to be very sensitive to any form of disloyalty to him, or threat to his power, yet he didn't really put an effort into going after Luke or dealing with the titans at all.
  5. Firing Chiron, and replacing him with a canibal? That pretty much is asking for problems. Could he had been hoping Percy would be on the menu?
  6. Another lightning strike in the Titan's Curse. Jason proved in the lost hero a kid of any form of Buzzy (Ha Ha) could survive a blast of lightning, so Thalia would be safe, and Zoe had the acrobatics to avoid them. But Percy?
  7. Speaking of Jason, why send a bolt at your own kid, or the kid of your alternate personality as it may be. Added problem to this child being a war hero. This kid, however, would be the one to help figure out where Percy was just by who he is. If Zeus got rid of him, Percy could easily had been killed by Roman demigods.