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    Tis is how I imagine them

    15-16 year old Percy : Short brown hair. blue unzipped Jacket with camp half blood/jupiter shirt under. about 5'8.

    12-14 year old Percy : Long brown hair.Orange CHB shirt. abut 5'0 - 5'6

    Jason : Spiky blone hair.5'9.

    Frank : exactly how he really looks like except with no asian eyes

    Leo : Messy brown hair. Brown unbuttone professer shirt with CHB t-shirt under it

    Piper : Long messy dark hair. tanned skin

    Hazel : Exactly how she really looks

    what do you imagine he characters loo like. comment please

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  • Len Vennyson

    Frank's Crush on Reyna

    December 18, 2011 by Len Vennyson

    I was reading SoN an they were doing this Iris message thing . Hazel said that her and Percy had Iris messaged Reyna-when she ws in the bath

    Frank said he would have paid to that. So Frank is saying he wantsto see Reyna naked. I think Frank might have a crush on her. He has a crush on Hazel but he doesn't go about saying he'll pay to see her naked

    Leave coments..please :(

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  • Len Vennyson

    Do You Think....

    December 11, 2011 by Len Vennyson

    Do you think that

    1.Leo will turn into a full muscle-bound Hephaestus kid by he Mark of Athena

    2.Piper will be the new Drew

    3.Jason will be dumb enough to go with Piper

    Answer my questions in he coments plz

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  • Len Vennyson

    Demigod Christmas?

    December 10, 2011 by Len Vennyson

    Well today I was reading my copy of Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades (yes i do have a copy of it outside of demigod files) And it says "Christmas in the Underworld was not my idea".

    But if they live in a world of Greek Gods wouldn't their be no Christmas for demigods. I mean you cant beilive in God,Jesus and Zeus at the same time can you? No.

    So I think there should be no christmas in PJ. Leave your thoughts in the coments

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  • Len Vennyson

    Do something Like this for example :

    I am Len

    God of : Awesome

    Son of : Hermes and Athena

    Powers : Super Speed,Divine Intellegence,Strategy,Good in Battle,Can steal stuff easily,Ability to always be Awesome,Am popular no matter waht

    Comment or DIE.

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