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    The Seven

    April 1, 2011 by Loreofwings

    You guys have all heard of the new Great Prophecy, right?

    Well, who do you suspect will be part of the seven?

    My best guesses are:

    • Jason-The leader, son of Jupiter. He is obviously one. Probably gonna do the most things. It's fate.
    • Piper-The beauty, daughter of Aphrodite. She is another "ah-durr" one.There'll probably be a big fight between herself and Reyna bout Jason.
    • Leo-The tech, son of Hephaestus. Seriously, guys, READ. He's another "ah-durr" one.
    • Percy-The right-hand, son of Poseidon. Really, do I hafta?
    • Annabeth-The brain, daughter of Athena. She might be one of them. Think.
    • ???-The ???, son of Pluto. There's probably gonna be one.
    • Reyna-The ???, daughter of ???. Think about it.

    Now, my Q is, who do you suspect to be part?


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