You guys have all heard of the new Great Prophecy, right?

Well, who do you suspect will be part of the seven?

My best guesses are:

  • Jason-The leader, son of Jupiter. He is obviously one. Probably gonna do the most things. It's fate.
  • Piper-The beauty, daughter of Aphrodite. She is another "ah-durr" one.There'll probably be a big fight between herself and Reyna bout Jason.
  • Leo-The tech, son of Hephaestus. Seriously, guys, READ. He's another "ah-durr" one.
  • Percy-The right-hand, son of Poseidon. Really, do I hafta?
  • Annabeth-The brain, daughter of Athena. She might be one of them. Think.
  • ???-The ???, son of Pluto. There's probably gonna be one.
  • Reyna-The ???, daughter of ???. Think about it.

Now, my Q is, who do you suspect to be part?