I have had an epic conclusion and I do not use the word epic lightly. I believe I know why Annabeth will be a problem for the quest. But first lets look at the roles of the 7 thus far.

1. Jason, Son of Jupiter, Fatal Flaw: Strong Sense of Duty, Leader

2. Leo, Son of Hephaestus, Fatal Flaw: Inferiorty Complex?, Follower

3. Piper, Daughter of Aphrodite, Fatal Flaw: I have know idea, Follower

4. Percy, Son of Poseidon, Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty, Leader but can turn down power

5. Hazel, Daughter of Pluto, Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty??, Follower

6. Frank, Son of Mars, Fatal Flaw: He needs to find out soon, Potential Leader but currently a follower

7. Annabeth??, Daughter of Athena, Fatal Flaw: Hubris, Leader

Now the reason I think Annabeth will be a problem on the quest is because she is a natural leader and if snubbed from the leadership position she will be angry and cause problems. Percy will not get angry if not given power, because of his father. Frank is stil workng out his abilities and Jason was told to lead the quest.

Give me your opinions!