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    Do not post any spoilers of The Son of Sobek until May 7!
    You will be blocked until the day it comes out if you do

    Rick Riordan is going to release a Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson crossover on May 7th! 'No, I'm not kidding, see for yourself!' It will be a short story that runs about 40 pages and will be released in the back of the paperback version of The Serpents Shadow. The name of the short story is The Son of Sobek.

    An official preview has already been uploaded on Facebook!

    The crossover will be featuring Percy and Carter Kane and, as can be seen from the excerpt, IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC!

    So what do you think? I thought a crossover wouldn't be written until HoO was finished and maybe not even before the Norse series. Well, to be honest, I neve…

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  • Menara

    On August 18th, Rick started the Mark of Athena Character Reveal on his Blog! So, like last year, we will get one Character art per week (probably on Saturday) until pub day, October 2nd.

    I am going to update this blog weekly with the new pictures so we can discuss them (AND FANGIRL!) together. So let's sit down and pray that they will all be as epic as Reyna's or Ella's art and not like Nico's.

    Ok, so the official site on the Disney website (Link Here) has started to release the character images like they did last year. You can check out the release dates now and see the character outlines. From what I understand, some people know which characters they are already by looking at the source code of the page, so please only supply links or leave…

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  • Menara

    Thalia's official Art

    August 14, 2012 by Menara

    So, we've all been waiting for YEARS to finally see an official Antonio-Caparo-drawn picture of Thalia....


    I expected a fierce, beautiful warrioress and not...well....this. I personally think she looks like a chubby (seriously....Look at her cheeks), mean, 8-year-old who likes to steal her classmates' money.

    So what do you think? Does she look like you imagined her? What were you expecting? (I would have liked to see her as a hunter, with the tiara and all.)

    PS: This blog is only about the Thalia's picture and not the Demigod Diaries in general. For that matter, please use The Demigod Diaries Official Discussion Blog.

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  • Menara

    Now, when the doors of death are open I'm sure Gaea can't control all souls that escape from the underworld. Bianca di Angelo might be also able to come back to life. She could be the child of Hades/Pluto in the second Great Prophecy. Remember, in The Titan's Curse, Zoe said Bianca was a very powerful demigod, Zoe even believed Bianca showed the potential to replace her. Bianca would also represent the Hunters in the prophecy.

    What do you think about the idea of Bianca being one of the 7? If you don't like it, who do you think is the child of Hades/Pluto?

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