It's coming The book is coming. The second book The Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune. You had saw and learned of the demigods. You have dt of the three new demigods. The wonders of of the story lighten up you. What will happen to Percy. Answe

1. Will Percy Jackson surive the Roman Camp Half-Blood?

2. Will Annabeth find her lost boyfriend?

3. What is the oath Chiron made?

4. Will Jason be the boyfriend of Piper?

5. Will Olympus be opened again?

6. Why is Zeus a jerk?

7. Why the ememy wants Olympus io closed?

8. Why the gods feel angry at Percy's oath and decison?

9.Will Sally and Paul and Poseidon see their son again?

10. Who are the 4 deimgodsand