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Hello everybody! I'm Nafisa who's on chat a lot, so you either know her very well, or I'm a stranger. Whatever. I'm a Chat Moderator and Rollback, and an annoying person.

Recently, I noticed that we are receiving lots of new users, and it's a pain for the Admins if we keep making blogs reminding people of the rules. Most people don't even read the little welcome message that are left on their pages reminding them to read the rules.

Okay, so, I had this idea. Since we have nineteen-something Rollbacks and Chat Moderators, one of them is bound to spot a new user at least once. Solution:

For Rollbacks

1. Rollbacks who see new users on chat or sees them editing, should remind them by messaging, that they should not forget to read the Blog Policy. It is best if this is done by messaging so that there aren't any double reminders to irritate the users. I'm guessing new users are only those who have been on the wiki for less than two months.

For Chat Moderators

2. Chat Moderators who see new users on chat, especially those with less than 10 edits, should remind the users to read the Chat Policy. This should only be done on chat, since it will only effect chat users.

For Chat Moderator/Rollbacks

3. Those who are both Chat Moderator and Rollback, should do some hard work and isolate their reminders(talk page/chat) while welcoming new users.

To make sure no user receives double warnings, Rollbacks leaving reminders should check if the user hasn't already received a reminder. Chat Moderators should ask the users if they have already read the Chat Policy or not. Saves tons of irritation.

So, that's it. It was long, it was annoying, but you (hopefully) got though it. I've already discussed this with both Hype and Sayu, so, don't scream at me or anything.

Thank You. Nafisa.t13 Talk to meEmail me1,483 Edits ~~I'm a hard nut to crack. 'Cause- ya know- I'm a nut.☯☮❤✩ 15:50, June 30, 2012 (UTC)