I have a idea about how the series might turn out. I remembered that last year when I went on this wiki I found a article about Metis and her son that was supposed to overthrow Zeus. I think that page got deleted but it said that Gaea might be trying to bring the son back to life to help her to overthrow the Olympians. Do you think that's possible? What happened to the son anyway? Before he was born Zeus tricked Metis to prevent her son to overthrow Zeus and instead of the son Athena was born. Does Gaea or the Giants have the power to bring the son back to life? If that's true then I'm guessing that Annabeth or a child of Athena might be able to defeat him since the son was a brother of Athena until Zeus tricked Metis. I think that's why Pan said "You will play a role though it won't be a role that you imagined" maybe that's what he meant. What do you think?