Who else is looking forward to demigod diaries? :) I'm obviously looking forward to Mark Of Athena more, but demigod diaries is sooner and is going to be good too :D I've been looking towards it even more since it's been annouced the one story is mostly about Leo. Percy is my fave character followed by Leo so you cansee my excitement. xD

The only story i'm not looking forward to is the one about Luke Castellen and Thalia. I don't like Luke, he annoys me, it's okay he turned good at the end, but still. Thalia also bothers me, I really do disagree with the fact she's so much like Percy because to me, she seems really mean and pretty power hungry. :)

Also excited for the interviews!!! Hope they do Percy again and also Leo, Jason, Annabeth and maybe Nico :) haha xD (I have no idea if these characters will be interviewed, i just want them to be. I have a feeling they might do Thalia though)

What are you looking forward to in the Demigod diaries? :)