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    Hey! Well, since SoN came out, a lot of people were saying Percy got all of his memory back, obviously, but Jason didn't. How did they come up with that?

    After Percy was gone for two months, Jason was found. About a week later, he started remembering Reyna, Hazel, and the other romans.

    At the same time, Percy was somehow asleep for eight months. He got his quest done, and all of his memories back.

    That's about six months between. I think Jason got his memories back, too. It would make sense, wouldn't it? It does to me, so you tell me. Do you think he got his memories back, or does Hera/Juno still have them?

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    I just thought of something. At the end of The Lost Hero, Jason remembered his past little by little. Then, I reread a part of the first chapter of The Son Of Neptune:

    Do you think this means by the end of the book, he would remember everything? I think it would, and I hope so! Percy better not go have another girlfriend at the other camp like Jason! Lol! Anyway, I hope he remembers his past, since he would probably succeed in his 'journey.'

    What do you think??

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