I am not sure how many of you who will read this blog know who I am. Most of you know I'm a bureaucrat here. For those of you who neither of those, you obviously haven't been here for more than a few weeks at most. But knowing who I am, or what position I hold on this wiki, isn't imperative for you to read and understand this blog.

Frankly, there's a number of reasons leading to me not editing often on this site anymore, and I feel the need to point them out to you.

Firstly, is that I am occupied with another wiki, which reduces the time I can spend on this site. Secondly, a numerous amounts of my edits were messed up by Wikia, which led me to lose some interest in the site. But most important of all, was the quality of the user base of this site. When I was a new user to wikia, more than a year ago this site was about contributing to a vast resource of information about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, and later the Heroes of Olympus as while.

When I took a temporary leave from this wiki for a few months, I thought I would return to find it the same. To my surprise, and disappointment the wiki had changed drastically. There was a new group of "top users" who were now adding to the site, but there was also a group of users who were simply loitering to the site, usually on blogs.

I tried to revamp the wiki, but my attempt ultimately failed. Due to some complications with my wikia account, I left the wiki for yet another break of a few weeks.

However when I came back, the wiki had once again changed, drastically. Now, it is not so much an encyclopedia about the series Rick Riordan wrote about Greek Mythology, so much a blog site where users simply argue and insult each other on blogs. I confess that I am extremely ashamed to see the wiki come to such a state.

So that leads me to saying the following: We must revert this wiki to what it once was, an online encyclopedia about the series Rick Riordan wrote. If we don't this wiki will ultimately be a blog site.

However, while it is easy to say 'We must change", actually changing is a lot harder, and will need to be a team effort. The users who simply write blogs and argue about meaningless trivia, need to start contributing to the wiki. I realize that I am not held in the same regard that I used to be held in once, but I will obviously be here to help in this task, and advice young users. If however, this wiki remains as it is, I am afraid I will have to leave this site, permanently. My great friend, Ghost, mirrors my sentiments, and will also do the same if this wiki does not change.

It is up to the users of this wiki to decide; Are we really an online encyclopedia about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series? I sincerely hope the answer will be a resounding "Yes, we are". If not, I have already said what will happen.

However, I must inform you that I speak only for myself and Ghost, and none of the other admins of the wiki.

 PerseusJackson  Talk to Me  You never have to bring down someone to elevate yourself.   23:52,1/20/2012 

NOTE: Also, if I leave, the affiliateship you have with Camp Half-Blood Role Play Wiki will be terminated

. PerseusJackson  Talk to Me  You never have to bring down someone to elevate yourself.   13:44,1/21/2012