• Phoenix73832

    I Need A Beta-Reader

    October 14, 2011 by Phoenix73832

    Well, the name says it again! I am working on a fan fic project in my free time, but I need a beta-reader. I tried and DeviantArt, but I can't find a beta-reader with free time! It isn't a Percy Jackson fic. It's a Chip and Dale fic. Before you sign up for this insane task, here is what you need to know: It's very long, not yet done and it may reach a 100k words, by the end! Anyone, with free time to spare, and atleast some experience with beta-reading. Everyone interested please post a way to contact you!

    P.S.: I know I should post this on the RangerWiki, but odds are I can get a faster responce here!

    Thanks to everyone who applies and good luck if you do! (You'll need it!)

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