Piper Cherokee McLean

aka Piper McLean

  • I live in Staying at Camp Half-Blood
  • I was born on August 19
  • I am Female
  • Piper Cherokee McLean

    Son of Neptune

    I can't wait for the second Heros of Olympus book. I also can't wait to see how Percy's doing too. I wonder how Rick is going to start the first chapter? I am really hoping that Percy doesn't get together with anybody though. I waited FIVE books for Annabeth to get together with Percy and if Percy gets together with a different girl, I will be devistated. And as for the quest, well I don't know what to expect from that. And for the people that are reading this that haven't read The Lost Hero, I suggest you start reading. Your missing out on a amazing book. -Piper Cherokee McLean

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