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  • Polybotes

    If ever Rachel well need to see Camp Jupiter, I would love to see Octavian's reaction... what could it be???

    an augur who massacre stuff toys would have, surely, a prceless reaction when he see the oracle Rachel Dare who just predict the future when you ask her... If someon like ella who memorize the sibyline whould a threat for Octavian... so more the spirit of Delphi who just flash poetic mayhems... that would be fun!!!

    I think he would surely cut a mascot like "Big Bird" to deny the prophecies of Rachel... hahahahaa

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    Though Annabeth can be a leader will just focus on Percy and Jason...

    Percy Jackson was very loyal to his friends, loyalty is his fatal flow,thta even his life he will give in order to save a friend... We have already know Percy's attitude as a leader of camp half-blood, he can be trust... He even became the Praetor of the Twelfth Legion Fulminata...

    but then...

    Jason Grace is a natural leader, a son of king of gods, the Praetor of the First Legion... He has the sense of duty, his fatal flaw... though Jason is just a recent character, he tends to be a responsible leader...

    It is said that Annabeth Chase is a problem for the quest but as Percy, He is loyal to his friend and will not let them down while Jason is disciplene and warlike Roman that might c…

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  • Polybotes
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    There could be a love triangle between Leo Valdes, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang... Hazel and Frank were having feelings but if the Atgo II arrive with Leo, Hazels may fall for him because he reminds her of Sammy Valdez...

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    "Wisdom's daughter walks alone,

    Mark of Athena burns through Rome"

    Thanatos metions that a special guide is needed to lead them to the doors (a demigod that could read the signs)

    It is also hinted by Juno that she will be a troublemaker in the quest to Rome

    Maybe Annabeth is just the guide and not part of the seven... and Gaea will mess with her,like possing her the way she did with Marie Levesque...


    too much conflicts like

    There could be a love quadrangle between Jason Grace, Piper Mclean, Annabeth Chase,Percy Jackson and Reyna...

    Reyna is b…

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