I've noticed some major similarities between Roman and Greek Heroes.

  • Percy and Jason- Both are leaders, both are a child of the big three, both are some of the most popular characters at their respective camps, both have one major lover
  • Annabeth and Reyna- Both act as leaders, both dont have any superhuman powers like flying or charmspeak, both are dating some of the most popular people, both are not main characters in the heroes of Olympus
  • Hazel and Leo- Both have a deep dark secret (Hazel is supposed to be dead and Leo killed his mom), Both are related to somebody else, both have a rare power
  • Frank and Piper- Both are very confused and emotional, both dont feel like they fit as their godly parents, both are not very violent unless in danger, both have an extremely powerful ability, Both HAD a secret but shared it

I just think thats it is weird with all these coincidences.