• Respire: Daughter of Demeter

    Decided to go underwater and chat with the Naiads today. They are very cheerful and kind, although all they want to talk about is boys. I went to go try my luck with the wood nymphs instead. My favourite, Willow, informed me that Aphrodite had asked of me a favour.

    "Chanel No. 5, she seems to adore that perfume, but has been too busy to get a new bottle lately."

    "Really?" I replied. "I though it was her day off today."

    "Well, she said that she needed a new bottle soon but had to deal with a matter in England, and said that you were ten times faster at private requests than Hermes. Not sure what she's up to now."

    I glanced up at the sky. "You think she's discovered a half-blood?"

    Willow shook her head. "Doubt it."

    I sighed and said goodbye to Wi…

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