So, it’s been fun. I've edited a bunch of pages, won a lot of badges, met some cool people (you know who you are), and worked hard to make this Wiki a great place.

Some people have asked that I run for Administrator, or at least Rollback. I'm not going to do either for varied reasons, but mostly because this is my farewell address.

No, I'm not leaving permanently or immediately. I am going to be making way less edits and I will eventually stop altogether.

The reason for this is my about to serve a mission for my church. I will be completely unreachable, and of course I won't be in any position to go online and make edits. So, on that note, my requesting Rollback or Admin privileges would be kind of stupid, as in a few months I’ll be completely inactive and therefore useless to the Wiki.

So anyway, I’ve really enjoyed this. By the time I get back, the next couple books, movies and such will be out and my knowledge of the series will be completely obsolete. Oh well. It’s been great, you guys. I’ll see you in two years.