Hello Camp Half-Blood Fanatics, (do we have a fan term? The Campers? The Demigods? The Trolled?) either way you will all be interested in the knowledge that Disney-Hyperion (the publisher of Rick Riordan's works) has released nine boxes filled with Camp Half-Blood material to nine different YouTubers. Each have been told to open their boxes on specific dates and unveil one of nine hidden clues which contains little excerpts from The Blood of Olympus centered around the nine main characters: Jason, Piper, Leo, Percy, Hazel, Frank, Annabeth, Nico, and Reyna. The clues are meant to fuel speculation on the theories circulating The Blood of Olympus and I've gained approval by an admin to collect all of the clues on one blog post. I'll also post the link to the YouTube video in case you want to see their reactions.

The Box's Contents

So, each box was shipped to the nine YouTubers and contains the following:

  • 1 The Heroes of Olympus water pouch
  • 1 The Heroes of Olympus orange frisbee
  • 1 Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt
  • 1 The Heroes of Olympus orange hoodie
  • 2 Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood Logo pins of each
  • 2 Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood Logo temporary tattoos of each
  • 2 The Heroes of Olympus black pens
  • 1 pack of The Blood of Olympus playing cards
  • 1 The Heroes of Olympus Pen
  • 1 Copy of The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, and The House of Hades
  • 1 signed copy of Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
  • 1 The Heroes of Olympus black duffel bag
  • 1 Camp Half-Blood lunchbox with one big container, two small containers, and an ice pack
  • 1 clue card which reads Who will survive the final battle? and signed Did you really think I would reveal more than this? by Rick Riordan.
  • Elizziebooks received an iTunes gift card to purchase the second chapter in the Demigods of Olympus App.

The Clues

polandbananasBooks (9/8)

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  • Hazel: Hazel stuck the point of her spatha under Nike's chin. "Explain." Her voice was harder than Leo had ever heard. "Which of us will die? How do we stop it?" Nike says. "Ah, child of Pluto, your magic helped you cheat in this contest, but you cannot cheat destiny. One of you will die. One of you must die."

Katytastic (9/9)

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  • Jason: Jason knew he shouldn't look. But he couldn't close his eyes as Juno went supernova, revealing her true godly form. Pain seared Jason’s mind. His body burned away in layers like an onion.

jennaclarek (9/13)

TheBookTuber (9/15)

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  • Percy: Jason had never met this particular giant, but he'd heard stories. "Polybotes." The anti Poseidon. The giant shook his dreadlocks. A dozen serpents swam free. Each one lime green with a frilled crown around its head. Basilisks. "Indeed, son of Rome." The giant said. "But, if you'll excuse me, my immediate business is with Perseus Jackson. I tracked him all the way across Tartarus. Now, here in his father's rooms, I mean to crush him once and for all."

Elizziebooks (9/16)

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  • Piper: Aphrodite's words came back to Piper. "You must bridge the gap between Roman and Greek, my child. Neither storm or fire can succeed without you." Aphrodite had warned her of what was to come. Had told her what Piper would have to do to stop Gaea. Whether or not she would have the courage, Piper didn't know.

thebookbasement (9/19)

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  • Reyna: She couldn't tell her friends how much she feared ghosts, or why she feared them. The whole reason she and her sister had run away from San Juan all those years ago ... that secret had to stay buried.

priceiswong (9/20)

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  • Nico: The wind god, Favonius, had warned him in Croatia. "If you let your anger rule you, your fate would be even sadder than mine." But, how could his fate be anything but sad? Even if he lived through this quest, he would have to leave both camps forever.

cassjaytuck (9/21)

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  • Frank: Frank ran out of arrows. He changed into a rhinoceros and leaped into battle, but as fast as he could knock down the giants, they got up again. Their wounds seemed to be healing faster.

padfootandprongs07 (9/28)

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  • Annabeth: "That's my point." Percy said. "We don't know what's down there. I'm going with you." "No." Annabeth put her hand on his arm. "If the giants want our blood, the last thing we need is a boy and a girl going down there together. Remember, they want one of each for their big sacrifice."

So, there are all The Blood of Olympus clues and you may speculate in the comments.