Wew, I am back CHBwiki! Gosh, I went from Rank#14 to #34 in a month! Bummer.. :( LOL. I would've gotten the 30day badge but forgot to log in on my 27th day.. sigh.. :( Anyway,.. onto the topic!

Speculations been goin' around the net that Percy might just not be one of the 'Seven demigods' in the current Great Phophecy. :O :((( Say it ain't so! Apparently, they say that RR said that 'a certain son of Poseidon won't be part of this prophecy' and that 'Percy will definitely play a big role in this next series but not as the central, character'. I agree with that last bit but only bec. I think he'll be a main character along with others, but not completely ignored or whatever! But a lot of people have interpreted Rick Riordan's words as Percy not being one of the seven.. I've tried searching the net for sources but no luck!

Sigh, as much as I'd love him to be one of the seven, I try to see the possible good side of this: maybe there's something bigger waiting for Percy out there... XD hm.. I have the whole 'Son of Neptune' group thing in my head, which, in my head, is kinda like the Hunters of Artemis, except its for men, children of Neptune, and stuff like that... xP

So what do you guys think? Do you think he's one of the seven or not? and why?