The community decided that they would like having an award ceremony. To first begin with we aren't nominating users yet, we actually need categories to do that.

I was thinking that to begin with someone would recommend a category they would like to see and then others will reply to the comment if they would also enjoy seeing that category present.

If the category that you want that is already on this page do not add a new thread for that category. Simply go and reply to the one already seen. Read the whole page before suggesting a new category.

So far we have a general list of of categories as followed: Best User of 2013, Best Anti-Vandalism Fighting User (?), Favorite Chat User, and Best Comment of 2013 (From Said User).

I don't know how long I will take submissions. Maybe for around 5-10 days or so since there is no set date yet. (It can run into 2014 for all I care). Depending on the amount of submissions and votes for new categories will determine the amount there will be.

Happy nominating.