Hey everyone!

We've had multiple discussions about a merger. The admins from all three wikis have finally voted and decided to go forward with the merger. This blog should be updated with all the information of what we are doing moving forward now.

First moves will be this:
User:Birdqueen102 (KC & MC), User:TheSonofNeptune (MC), and User:Atelda (KC, previous admin of CHB) will be promoted as they are admins on the other wikis. There are two more admins who have no given their opinions on the matter, so they will not be promoted yet. I will let you know if they are.

Neptune and Borean will take care of importing the pages. All pages will be locked until the merger is finished. Feel free to comment on blogs, forums, etc. and go on the chat though!

Your admin girls + rollbacks (User:SayuriDarling, User:RoyallyBella, User:Hermione Chase) will be helping with moving templates and making sure that they are renamed. Admin templates, infobox templates (see example 1, example 2, and warning templates will be redone.

We will be redoing the background, changing admin color links, and changing links.

Day 1

  • User:Birdqueen102 (KC & MC), User:TheSonofNeptune (MC), and User:Atelda (KC, previous admin of CHB) were all promoted to admins.
  • User:Hermione Chase was temporarily promoted to admin to help with locking categories that were being moved out.
  • AllMost categories were locked until the merger is finished.
  • Importing from MC & KC is finished, aside from the pages that were too big to import from KC.
  • Main page has been fixed to include the portal to all three wikis.
  • The theme has been given a makeover.

Day 2

  • New character templates have been added, a different color per god type: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse (the Norse template is still in progress).
    • If the pantheon is on for the template it may be hard to read. We are working as hard as we can to fix that.
  • We have requested staff to import oversized pages from the Kane Chronicles Wiki (Carter & Sadie)
  • The Wiki design is still in progress.
  • Categorization for god/series type has began.
  • We are fixing broken images as fast as we can. Please bear with us.
  • Birdqueen has requested for Magnus Chase & Kane Chronicles wiki to be closed and redirected here.
  • Discussed condensing policies; started the process.
  • Rollbacks have the option to help us out!

Day 3

  • User:M.J. Daniels was temporarily granted admin rights to help us find broken image links.
  • Continuation of categorization.
  • Brief discussion of articles, HC will publish a rough version of condensed policies.

Day 3

  • Categorization continues.
  • Many images and templates are broken on KC pages and we are working to fix that.
  • Magnus Chase & Kane Chronicles Wiki have been closed and REDIRECTED here.
  • User:Rider ranger47 was made a temporary admin to help with the red links here.
  • Uploading of photos for Kane Chronicles characters continues.
  • Carter & Sadie's pages are still not imported. We are working on getting staff to bring over those edits!
  • We are working on a new background and wordmark for the wiki.

Day 4

  • HD images are uploaded for characters with official portraits.
  • Mass deletion of certain photos will start today.
  • New background and wordmark are up.
  • Editors are fixing broken links and fixing pages to the new infobox template.
  • Categorization continues.

Day 5

  • Fixing KC pages continues.
  • Categorization continues

Day 6

  • New wordmark is up.
  • New background is up (holla at sayu's recommendation!!!)
  • Rollbacks who were made admins to help with locked pages are back to their regular powers. Thank you so much for your help!!


Please post any comments or questions below. Thanks!