This post contains spoilers from RR on The Blood of Olympus.

This is from Rick Riordan's Live at Mount Olympus event he held on September 23rd. Riordan reads from Reyna's POV. The characters in it are Reyna (duh), Nico, Coach Hedge, one very large Athena Parthenos, and a deadly volcano!

Rick Riordan Reads Blood of Olympus Preview03:11

Rick Riordan Reads Blood of Olympus Preview

Dying via volcano was not on Reyna's bucket list. Her first view of southern Italy was from 5,000 feet in the air. To the west, along the crescent of the gulf of naples, the lights of sleeping cities glittered in the predawn gloom. A thousand feet below her, a half wide caldera yawned at the top of the mountain, white steam pluming from the center. Reyna's disorientation took a moment to subside. Shadow travel left her groggy and nauseous as if she'd been dragged from the cold waters of a  Frigidarium into the sauna of a Roman bath house.

Then she realized that she was suspended in mid air. Gravity took hold and she began to fall."NICO!" She yelled.

"Hans Pipes," cursed Gleesen Hedge. "WAH," Nico flailed almost slipping out of Reyna's grip. She held tight and grabbed Coach Hedge by the shirt collar as he started to tumble away. If they got separated now they were dead. They plummeted toward the volcano, as their largest piece of largest piece of luggage, the forty foot tall Athena Parthenos, trailed after them, leashed to a harness on Nico's back like a very ineffective parachute.

"That's Vesuvius below us," Reyna shouted over the wind. "Nico teleport us out of here.”

His eyes were wild and unfocused. His dark feathery hair whipped around his face like a raven shot out of the sky. "I can't no strength.”

Coach Hedge bleated, "News flash kid, goats can't fly. Zap us out of here or we're gonna get flattened into an Athena Parthenos omelet."

Reyna tried to think. She could accept death if she had to, but if the Athena Parthenos was destroyed their quest would fail. Reyna could not accept that. "Nico shadow travel. I'll lend you my strength.”

He stared at her blankly. "How-"

"Do it!" She tightened her grip on his hand. The torch and sword symbol of Bellona on her forearm grew painfully hot, as if it was being seared into her skin for the first time. Nico gasped. Color returned to his face. Just before they hit the volcano steam plum they slipped into the shadows.

Source: My own screenrecording and here.

This took forever for me to transcribe so if anything is wrong please tell me as I want to be as accurate as possible.

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