Hello. It has been brought to my attention by several different users that there have a been a handful of users who feel they have been personally attacked on the wiki. Most of these personal attacks come from chat. Whenever you are on chat please remember proper internet ettiquet. The chat should be a friendly enviornment where are users should be able to express ideas freely.

Another thing that has been brought to my attention is that some of these attacks come from our own administration team. As a reminder them please remember that you are here to keep the peace, not disrupt it. Before you ban someone from chat, if possible check to see if another chat mod is on and decide between both of you if this person should be banned. Also since this is an issue that has been brought up repeatedly if we find that you have broken this rule you will be put into a consenus and any rights you have will be put onto the table.

If anyone feels like they are being personally attacked please let admin know and we will look into the problem.

--SayuriDarling ~ I'm sinking strong. and Hermione Chase My Talk10,678 Edits My Blogs