Here are the categories that you can nominate people for:

  • Best User of 2015
  • Best Anti-Vandalism Fighting User
  • Favorite Chat User
  • Best Comment of 2014/2015 (You will physically have to go find the comment from a forum or blog post)
  • Best Fight of the Antaeus Arena (2014/2015)
  • Sexiest User
  • Most Helpful User
  • Best New User (Can only be from 2015)
  • Best Blog (Can be from da old days aka before blog control started)
  • Best Thread
  • Most Likely to Survive Tartarus
  • Best Nickname
  • Biggest Heart
  • Class (Wiki) Clown
  • Most Improved User
  • Best BrOTP
  • Best Usership
  • Most Clueless User
  • Funniest Screenshot
  • Person With Least Chill
  • Most Likely To Be Blocked
  • Best Typo

Best Chicken Award goes to Jack. Congrats.

You can nominate people more than once. Please comment on the thread that is for the category. Don't create another thread. Just add who you would nominate for the category under it. You may nominate yourself if you want.