Considering how dead the wiki has been it might be a good idea to mingle with others since our wiki is barely alive at the moment.

According to DaughterofPoseidon14 (DoP), there will be a cute "dance" going on their wiki and it has prizes and awards and living people. Yay. And CHB is invited. Here is the link to the full description of what is going on. it's linked three times becomes some people don't know how to read/click an obvious link. and that means READ IT.

Anyway, I'm supposed to give them a fun estimation/number of how many people will be joining their chat for the lively party. Because our wiki is dead.

At Camp Jupiter Chat we are having a Valentines Dance! So far most of Camp Jupiter will be "attending" and we are personally inviting all of Camp Halfblood to join us in a night of dancing, outfit contests, and spilling the punch! (And I'm sure there will be truth or dare..) Also there will be another marriage, much like the marriage of Paper and Jason. On Sunday the 16th of February, the marriage of SorrowfulReprise and HunterofArtemis12 will begin. (Or Moo and Hunter.) We really hope as many "Greeks" can attend the "Roman" festivities! THANK YOU! Please see poll for majority of people will go, and if you yourself are attending. - DoP

You don't need a date.

Are you gonna go party it up with CJ?

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