• Scrawlx101

    and 1)

    who is the weakest minor god whose child could be 1 of the 7 in the Great Prophecy?

    and 2)

    what is the weapon you would like to see in the series?

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  • Scrawlx101


    at camp and parent do u think this type of person wud belong to: some1 who is short tempered at times but understanding some1 who loves video games and reading some1 who hates bullies but enjoys relaxation and some1 who is bad with computers and not so much a flirt. All of tht in ONE personality,soz for bad wat God and Camp u think tht person orginated from.It for my own story. Some1 answer this too?i got 1 reply i waant MOOOOORE?

    2)wat gods and goddesses do uthink are underated in the PJ and HoO books?and wat is your conclusion about the great prophecy.

    3)and will we ever see a minor god's demigod child play a big part in this prophecy.

    4)thnks,sorry abut my previous post not being clear.

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