Am I the only one who seems to find the fading of Helios and Selene a little silly? I mean, back in the day the sun and moon were the two greatest powers known to humanity and featured in their daily life. How could two prominent deities like them just 'fade away' even if people started to mix them up with the twin archers.

Helios had the whole island of Rhodes full of worshippers and Selene had Rome, the town of Nemeia where she was venerated with Zeus and lets nog forget the region of Arkadia and Thessaly in Greece, the kingdom of Eleia especially.

Eos didn't fade and don't tell me that's because there is no goddess of the dawn, because there is, or was at least. Artemis started out as the goddess of the dawn and frost and has her title as goddess of the moon due to her being mixed up with Selene, same goes for Helios and the sun. Besides the other Titans are still around despite their lack of worship.

Pan I can understand, the wild and nature are indeed falling apart, even though they get their revenge in the form of hurricanes, floods and earthquakes every now and then, as sad and heartbreaking those things are, we just don't seem to realise what we are messing with and will eventually get burned. I'm going to stop here, this is already depressing enough as it is.

Anyway, I was wondering if there were others like me who found this a little absurd.

For the record, I don't have anything against Artemis and Apollo, I don't like them, but still didn't want to offend them or those who do like them.