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  • SonOfZeus1200

    This blog is for all those who love both the Camp Half-Blood & Kane Chronicles series. Most of us have had a nagging feeling in our guts saying there will be a cross over someday. Rick had alway been leaving hints that the two worlds exsisted side by side. Well that information has been confirmed!

    • In The Serpent's Shadow Sadie and her mum are having a discussion about what will happen next now that Apophis has been execrated.
    Sadie's mum say's:
    "You and Carter and Amos will make Egyptian magic stronger than ever. And that's good... because your challenges are not over."
    "Setne?" I (Sadie) guessed.
    "Yes, him," Mum said. "But there are other challenges as well. I haven't completely lost the gift of prophecy, even in death. I see murky visions of…
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  • SonOfZeus1200

    Richest God

    January 19, 2012 by SonOfZeus1200

    I was reading the Golden Drachma page and I got to thinking which god has the most money?

    Hades is known as the God of Riches but humans have been mining the Earth for centruies so he's loosing more and more valuables.

    Hermes has Hermes Express which all the gods and demigods use.

    Iris must get tons of Drachma's a day since everyone except Roman demigods uses Iris Messages.

    Other gods may have their own ways of making money. So who is the richest?

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  • SonOfZeus1200

    Hera/Juno's Choices

    January 6, 2012 by SonOfZeus1200

    I noticed something Hera/Juno has chosen all the excisting demigods for the quest.

    • Jason is her champion and she switched him with Percy.
    • Percy she switched with Jason and introduced him to the Romans.
    • She warned Frank's mom about his life burning up.
    • She took care of Leo for a short time.
    • She manipulated the Mist to make Piper fall in love with Jason and brought them together.
    • Hazel... I have no information on her being chosen, anybody got something on her?

    So my question is: Has Hera shown any reason to choose Annabeth as one of the Seven?

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  • SonOfZeus1200

    Next Stop China?

    December 21, 2011 by SonOfZeus1200

    Most of us know that America is in a decline of power we are starting to loose our spot as the most powerful country in the world. Meaning that we won't be the center of Western Civilization (the flame) anymore. It also means that the gods and Olympus will leave the U.S too! If this happens where are they going next, and how many years will it take?

    My thought is the next location is China but then again you never know.

    I'm not being anti-chinese or anything and the "Flame" keeps moving west from Greece, to Rome, and so on.

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  • SonOfZeus1200

    Mark of Athena Cover

    November 20, 2011 by SonOfZeus1200

    This question came up in chat room "what will the Mark of Athena cover look like".

    After thinking about it for awhile the cover started to apper in my mind. My guess is Jason, Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, Hazel, and Frank will be in a corner of the cover with there backs turned away from the reader looking over the side of the Argo II into Rome. While the rest of the cover will be the Mark burning through the city. It shoulbe the same color as the Battle of the Labyrinth cover.

    But this is only my opinion, what are your visions?

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