• SonofMeridia

    Favorite Quest Team

    December 18, 2011 by SonofMeridia

    Which quest team do you love most in order:








    1. Jason/PIper/Leo (Because I love all of their personalities and the bond they have together)

    2. Percy/Annabeth/Grover (The Original Team)

    3. Percy/Frank/Hazel (I Love all three so much)

    4. Percy/Annabeth/Grover/Tyson (Because Tyson is with the original team)

    5. Percy/Zoe/Thalia/Bianca/Grover (I love how Percy snuck to come with them, I love Thalia, I love Bianca)

    6. Percy/Annabeth/Tyson (I like them all it's just i like all the others more)

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  • SonofMeridia

    I checked Rick Riordans Blog just now and he said, "The family and I just returned from a quick Thanksgiving trip to the Caribbean. Don't worry -- I'm still spending most of my time working on The Mark of Athena, but every so often I need to recharge the batteries and take a trip -- especially when I'm writing a story about a boat (The Argo II, of course). Our five-day cruise gave me all sorts of inspiration."

    The Argos II will be in The Mark of Athena of course but now I'm starting to think that it takes place on the Argos II maybe. I'm not sure because that would prob mean he cut out the two camps meeting. Also Previously on his blog he said he had to end The Son Of Neptune right where he did. I used to think that the two camps got into a…

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    Where's Lupa?

    November 28, 2011 by SonofMeridia

    I know that Lupa is supposed to stay at the Wolf House and only train them and all but in The Lost Hero she wasn't there during the Battle with Porphyrion. Also I'm really blown that she wasn't in the Son of Neptune. I think Rick Riordan might be getting our expectations up so that in one book she'll come and it'll be more exciting. It's definately a less anxious wait for The Mark of Athena then it was for the Son of Neptune because when waiting for the Son of Neptune we didn't know if Percy had his memory, if he'd get a new girl, who'd have their POV, Who from the Romans were a part of the 7, Camp Jupiters name and structure, Reyna's personality, etc.

    So yeah, I kind went off topic but thoughts and opinions on Lupa.

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  • SonofMeridia

    Wouldn't it make more since for the unclaimed kids to have gone in the Dionysus cabin, since he only had two kids?

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  • SonofMeridia

    When I was righting a fanfiction I can to a realisation that Nico might know the conclusion to the Prophecy of Seven. Think about it. He always spends time in the Underworld with his dad, so secrets can come to him easliy and who knows where else he's traveled. Plus he was the one that brought Hazel back from the Underworld conveniently around the time the pophecy started happening. He must have been going to the Camp Jupiter longer than Hazel, but how did he know about it in the first place? And when he first got there, how did he know he shouldn't say anything about being Greek? Why didn't he say anything about knowing Percy, and why try ignoring him. Also, Death said that only a special demigod can find the Doors of Death, I think it wa…

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