I checked Rick Riordans Blog just now and he said, "The family and I just returned from a quick Thanksgiving trip to the Caribbean. Don't worry -- I'm still spending most of my time working on The Mark of Athena, but every so often I need to recharge the batteries and take a trip -- especially when I'm writing a story about a boat (The Argo II, of course). Our five-day cruise gave me all sorts of inspiration."

The Argos II will be in The Mark of Athena of course but now I'm starting to think that it takes place on the Argos II maybe. I'm not sure because that would prob mean he cut out the two camps meeting. Also Previously on his blog he said he had to end The Son Of Neptune right where he did. I used to think that the two camps got into an arguement or something but now I'm thinking it's because the Mark of Athena started with them all on the ship.

I jump to this conclusion because of when he says "...I'm writing a book about a boat," That hints that the setting is on a boat. Any thoughts on this or am I just jumping to the wrong conclusion?