Confession time, I just got around to reading Son of Neptune. School kept me insanely busy in October and November but Christmas Break gave me some much needed down time.

Anyway, I thought Son of Neptune was amazing and personally I liked it a lot better than the Lost Hero (what about you?). I think I liked it better because I'd already gone through the confusion of the 2 camps in the first one and also because the Roman Camp seemed to pick up on the existence of another camp much faster.

Back to the point- I didn't want to flood the wiki with a million blogs about each of my questions/thoughts so I thought I'd just throw it all into one rather long, random, rambling blog.

My thoughts (notice the "my" feel free to disagree or share your opinion)


I really don't see this turning into a love triangle. Also, I'd like to state for the record Leo is in no way the reincarnation of Sammy. Sure, they're obviously going to be relatives, but when you choose to be reborn you wouldn't look exactly like your previous self and you wouldn't have the same last name. I think it'd be weird for Hazel to go after her ex-boyfriends grandson (great-grandson?). However, I think it'll be very emotional for Hazel though because in a way Leo represents the life she and Sammy could have had. If not for her curse, they could've continued their relationship and maybe go on to have children.

The 7th halfblood

This seems to pop up on a million blogs, but I haven't noticed any one point out this quote. In the senate Percy says "Hazel and Frank-I'm sure they're meant to go with me onthis quest. The other four are on their way from Camp Half-Blood right now." Doesn't that sound like Annabeth is the final half blood. Percy could be wrong though so I guess it'll be a year before we'll find out. I've noticed a lot of people want a whole new character but I'd actually prefer if it was someone we've already encountered. If I had it my way, there would be 8 halfbloods and Reyna would come along because it is impossible to deny that she's a complete bad-ass. Alas, I have no say in the matter.


She really seems to be the character that you either love or hate. Given that I loved Silena Beauregard, I was fully execting to love Piper too. Now, I don't dislike her and throughout LH I found myself rooting for her but it wasn't until SoN that I began to not really like her anymore (and it's not because of Reyna). Actually, Hazel and Frank turned me off of Piper. Both of them have had such hard lives and while they both struggle with this and question the fairness, I don't feel like they spend their time whining about it. Piper on the other hand, hates her privilged life and that just makes me mad. She doesn't like being pretty, that's her hardship (well until her father is kidnapped)? Her father loves her, a lot of the other half-bloods have lost their parent or have tough relationships with them, and she has no idea how lucky she is. Yet because her father has a job and can't give her enough attention, she resorts to felonies. She clearly knew that charmspeaking was wrong even if she didn't realize what it was. Who gives a teenager a BMW? I know it seems like I hate Piper but I don't, I just don't like her anymore either. I'm neutral now and hoping for some character growth in the next book.


the relationship itself

Another topic that's been debated countless times. In SoN I completely fell in love with Reyna and to be honest I'd love to see her with Jason. However, I do feel like Piper and Jason are end game. It's perfect, a couple that brings the camps together uniting the fronts and saving the world (isn't it soooo romantic <3 <3 <3 [no]) and I could see RR going in that direction. That makes me feel bad for Reyna though. I mean her and Jason weren't dating yet but come on. Percy/Annabeth didn't get together officially till the end of the last book but everyone still hated Rachel for coming in and threatening what would obviously become a relationship. I don't blame Piper (how is she supposed to know) but she's kind of the Rachel to Reyna/Jason but alas (I need a new word) Jason/Piper was introduced first and Reyna became this "other woman" type to some fans.

the rabid fans

Ship who you want, really. But if you're going to defend your ship let's get some decent arguments out there. Here's a few arguments I've seen countless times that rub me the wrong way.

  1. Jason and Piper have been through so much more together. Yes, I'm sure that quest was a bonding experience in which they undeniably became closer. But the word "more" in there really throws me. Jason and Piper have known eachother for 8 months (of which we only saw a few weeks of interaction), Jason and Reyna have known each other for years. They clearly worked closely as Praetors and she was mostly likely by his side when he toppled Kronos's throne. I'm not saying that Jason and Piper haven't gone through a lot, but it's naive to act as though Jason and Reyna haven't gone through just as much if not more.
  2. Hera clearly wants them together or else she wouldn't give Piper romantic memories. Ha. Okay. Hera hates children of Zeus, she turned to Jason because they're facing a crisis not because she thinks he's a great guy. I seriously doubt that in her risky exchange to save the world, Hera stopped and took the time to play cupid. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that she couldn't care less about Jason's love life. She probably just gave Piper romantic memories so that she'd be more likely to go along with and follow/trust Jason

Question Time


I've noticed a lot of pro-Jasper fans saying that Reyna clearly doesn't care for Jason because she came on to Percy (this statement is usually followed by several exclamation points and the word desperate). Could someone kindly point this out to me. Maybe I'm oblivious or maybe I was reading too fast but I never got this vibe from Reyna.

CC's island

Do you age on Circe's island? I can't remember and I'm to lazy to research it but I was just wondering how old Reyna is if you don't age.

Reyna's appearance

Does anyone picture her like the picture on her page because I don't (as a matter of fact I don't imagine half the characters like their picture?). I see her as very lean with olive skin and the glossy single braid Also, what does she usually wear- the golden armor and the toga or is that just for special occasions? I mean Jason was a Praetor and they still found him in just the purple t-shirt.

That's all. This was rather long so if you've gotten this far congrats. The majority of this blog seems to revolve around Reyna, I seem like such a fan girl, I can't help it. Also, I'm kind of new here. I wrote a blog before son of neptune, but other than that I've done next to nothing on this wiki so hello, it's nice to meet you.