Riordan has decided to do another round of Olympian Week and this year it going to full-blast awesome! This year, at their local book stores, or Olympian cabins, the gods have decided to guide Riordan to the start of the journey of the Hades Cabin in Columbia, South Carolina on the 4th of Oct., the Athena Cabin in Pittisburgh, Pennsylvania on the 5th of Oct., the Ares cabin in Toronto, Ontario on the 6th of Oct., the Aphrodite Cabin in Burlington, Massachusets on the 7th of Oct., the Hephaestus Cabin in Mission Viejo, California on the 8th of Oct., the Posiedon Cabin in Olympia, Washington on the 9th of Oct., and with a big blow out finale, the Zeus Cabin in Austin, Texas on the 10th of Oct. I am thoroughly excited to attend the Ares cabin visit on the 6th of October. Visit these two websites for a little more information.

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