OK. So most of you probably have read Rick Riordans newest book, the Son fo Neptune. Am I right? And some of you have had the change to also get it personally signed by Riordan himself. Am I right? So I want to hear your views on the book. I thought the book was seriously great! I got the book two days after it came out and I got to show my friends my life-time-waiting-wish signature from Riordan. Awesome stuff. Some of my friends have read the book too, but to have it signed is like a miracle. Kind of.

Anyways, let me tlak to u about the characters. (I'm suggesting that if you have not read the book, don't read the rest of this blog, if u have read the book, be my guest, or if u haven't read this book OR any of the other books of the Percy Jackson series or the Heroes of Olympus series, I dont care much.) Let me start with Hazel Levesque. Hazel is a great kind of person, in my opinion to be friends with. She's inspiring and independent, ambitious; they are good characteristics for a Roman demigod. She has deeper feelings for Frank Zhang, the next main character, althought I believe she has something there for Percy too. That part is very much unknown to readers, or even Hazel herself probably. She has a curse giving to her my her father, Pluto, but it was mainly her mothers fault. So whever she gets nervous, ANY kind of priceless item or jewel will pop wou fo no where. Amasing you think? Not really. See, if anyone comes to touching that priceless item, you're in for a pretty deadly treat. And the lsat thing i have to say about Hazel is, she's 13. For about seventy years. Yes, she died, and cam back to life. How? Read the book.

Next character I wuld liek to tlak about is Percy. Yes, yes we all know who that is. Percy Jackson is back! From where? A very long sleep, training with the she wolf Lupa, fighting off gorgons, the sisters for Medusa, carrying Juno--disguised as an old hippy--across a river, and landing himself in Camp Jupiter, the Roman camp. My I point out that Percy does NOT have the Achilles mark anymore. He has lost the power of the River Styx when he helped Juno, unfortunately. Yes, like in the first book when Jason had no memory of his past, Percy got amnesia too. Although, Percy got the better endof the stick. See, Percy rememebred something comepletely on his own AND probably right after he woke up. Annabeth. Cute hun? So Percy hooks up with Hazel and Frank, starts to negativity against the god Mars (which surprisingly, is the most worshiped at the camp--then again not surprising), figures out that in the Roman world, Neptune is like a minor god with not much attention and meets a whole bunch of other campers that interact with Percy: Reyna and Octivian for example.

And the last main character i want to talk about is Frank Zhang. i thnk that Frank is the most special in the book. Firstly becuase hes Canadian. Secondly, whole life depends on a piece of tinder. Thirdly, hes madly inlove with Hzel. Fouthly, he's technically related to Percy but very distant. Fifthly, he has two very famous and very powerful blood lines: he is the son fo Mars AND he is a descendant from Periclymenus, a warrior who was on the Argonauts but had the blessing of Neptune to turn into ANY kind of animal. And Guess what? Frank was passed down that blessing, amasingly. Fraan is clumsy and everything, but i think he is a really good character and guy in general.

There you have the 4,5, and 6th demigods of the the prophecy. I Think it might be Annabeth as the seventh but no one knows. And that brings me to the last part of this blog. The third book of the Heroes of Olympus series is called the mar of Athena. I definitely think that this has to do with Athena and her daughter Annabeth. I can't really say much because the book comes out next year fall--probably in October again--but I definitely know that there is going to be alot of communication between the Roman camp and the Greek camp next book. Can't wait!! Comments?