• Sylverant

    I ask me, how the live in the Roman Half-Blood Camp maybe is. It is mentioned, that life there is more disciplined and harder, you have to prove you and show your strenght.

    But actually, I can't help me: I do think of the girls in Camp Half-Bloods as mean, egoistic persons and I'm sure Percy will have LOTS of fans in that Camp...Maybe too many... And the guys are, for example the sons of Mars, rebellic, really aggressiv and that they won't be friendly to Percy, if his true identity comes out. Maybe there are some girls and guys who are ok...

    I know that may be not right and my thougths, especially about the girls, aren't nice. But I can't do anything against it!

    So: How do you think is the live in Roman Camp? How are the demigods there? How l…

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