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  • Tayley18

    I'm sure there are a few blogs similar to this, but I haven't seen any so here it goes.

    Which camp do you like better personally? If you were a demigod, which camp would you rather be in and why? What do you like about both camps? Do you like their rules/way of life? Even ancient Greece and Rome comparisons are welcome.

    Personally, I am ALL Greek. I don't like anyhting of Rome, quite frankly. Even Camp Jupiter. I like the demigods there, but the way it's set up... bleh. I don't like all the regulations and procedures, the council, the seer Octavion and how he's a cheap knockoff of an oracle, how they place people in cohorts based on prestige, how they only serve a few years at the camp, how they just lounge around as adults in New Rome. I likeā€¦

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