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As everyone knows by now, the new book comes out Oct. 4, 2011. Rick Riordan is visiting Columbia, SC; Pittsburgh, PA; Toronto, CA; Burlington, MA; Mission Viejo, CA; Tumwater, WA; and Austin, TX

Reyna's likely parent is Justitia, yada, yada, yada.

About Frank Zhang. Most think that he's a son of Apollo. It's very possible. However, I formed a theory, unlikely, but a theory. Anyone notice the wolf/bear thingy?


That could mean that he's either a son of Artemis (very unlikely) or another form of Orion (still unlikely). Of course, unless that wolf/bear is Lupa, then everything is okie-dokie (well to the fact that Artemis stayed pure). But still, gotta keep possibilities open. I mean, Percy, Thalia, and Jason were illegitimate.


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