Well Since The Son of Neptune has came out the question that has been pondering my mind is ISN'T Percy missing a year of school while The Giant War is happening? I mean in The Son of Neptune Percy claimed Hera stole eight months of his life (which is incorrect). So he went missing in December, five months after the events of The Last Olympian so school would have started a couple of weeks after the events of The Last Olympian and Percy was most likely in school for five months before he just disappeared come December. Then Hera puts him in a very deep sleep and he wakes up in like June. So Percy has missed what, 6 months of school? And everybody who's in high school knows you can't just miss 6 months and still expect to pass whatever grade you're in, in Percy's case 11th seeing as he most likely finished 10th grade before The Last Olympian. Plus to add to missing those six months now he's got himself stuck in Tartarus and nobody knows when he is gonna get out. So in all Percy has missed most of, if not all of his Junior year. I want everybody's opinion on the subject. And like my friend and fellow wikian Hyperborean has stated should Percy just drop out seeing as he has a high chance of getting killed anyway?

Also how do you think Sally explained this all to Child Services and Goode High (If Percy still attends there)?