Okay, so I know I'm gonna get a bunch of lame comments saying: "YOU CAN'T POST THIS HERE!" But whatever. I'm posting it anyways. So, I was watching this coolio Werewolf movie last night and I really, really liked it ... until the ending. So, this dude, this HAWT dude, Nathan who is Red's fiancé, gets bitten by a wolf. So, he's a wolf now. But, then SHE gets bitten and so I'm like, "YES!!!!" but then, she goes and kills him. I hate her now. So, she isn't a wolf anymore. He's dead. And the film was made in Canada, I think, so now I feel ashamed. So, I made my own ending to it, where I steal the Resurrection Stone from Harry Potter, come back to where she killed Nathan. I kill RED and bring the ever so hot FBI Agent, Nathan back to life. What a shame that she's dead. He'll have to live with me! ;D

Luv, Wise