• The Awesome X!

    Hello everyone. I was just re-reading the PJO series and I came across a question I couldn't answer: Why don't the monsters/Kronos' army use mortal weapons against the half bloods? Demigods can be killed or injured by both mortal and Celestial/Imperial/Stygian etc weapons. But only monsters and immortals can't be hurt with mortal weapons. So Kronos' army could've just bombed Manhattan and that'd be the end of it. Or equip all his troops with guns and flamethrowers and rocket launchers and stuff. I think a gun would be a much better weapon than a sword. Also, why don't they wear modern armor, like Kevlar and bullet-proof helmets? If they can stop a bullet, they definitely can stop an arrow and possibly even a sword. The Awesome X! (talk • co…

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