It may seem strange, but the Titan Prometheus is one of my favorite characters, "oh but you like a titan ..." like a villain does not make me one. Prometheus has fought alongside the gods, what I admire about him is intelligence, even in the battle of New York he is using for the bad.

All tricks to change the course of the mind of Percy in The Last Olympian really impresses me, even the fact that he tries to pass through innocent, show the full force of the army of Chronos, deliver Pandora's box, show that gods are not good parents, and do not care about their children (for more than percy already know this). Show why the revolt of Luke, lit up the percy fury against chronos, and in my opinion the intention of Prometheus was not to make percy surrender, but to make the anger was so great that he was careless in war. An example is when Prometheus to show the life of luke, percy think that "however much they hate everything Prometheus had shown me,i hate even more chronos." Everything that has been shown to percy would cause anyone to revolted not only against gods but against chronos, "the gods they do not give importance to their children, and chronos that he is taking advantage of that", a concept difficult to understand, let doubt which side to join would be a perfect strategy, but that thought did not flow in conscious Percy.

I think i would not give up hope, and you, what would you do?