As we all know,Zeus is king of the god,lord of all Olympians. Even though it is rightfully Zeus,I think Poseidon should be king of the gods. Wanna know why? Because,out of the Big Three,Hades is the eldest,Poseidon is second,and Zeus is the youngest. But Hades isn't really welcomed on Olympus(now he is),and he has his own realm to look over. According to age(which is like aeons),Poseidon should be the king and have his own opinion of things,like how Percy felt when he jumped on Poseidon's Throne in The Last Olympian. He felt the power of the ocean,how Poseidon should have his own say of things,with 11 other gods. As stated,Poseidon has a more benovolent personality than Zeus. I mean,Zeus can be very benovolent too. But Poseidon has a sense of greater leadership,you know? Even though he is similar in terms of stubborness and pride to his brother,Zeus. I'm not saying Zeus has no right to rule over Olympus. BOOM with the Master Bolt! And Zeus has said before,Typhon would be technically impossible to defeat,without the help of Poseidon. Poseidon left Alantis to the risk of being destroyed by Oceanus,Aigaios and all those other monsters under Kronos. So,in a way,Poseidon has saved Olympus. So who should be king? Any comment,just leave it on the talk page of WikiaMusicLover. Peace out.