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  • Yourgirlyui

    Gods can be ugly?

    December 22, 2011 by Yourgirlyui

    Maybe anyone else has been wondering too:

    It was stated that the gods can look how ever they want to look like, right?

    Like Juno appears as an old lady, or Apollo (as what did he appear again? homeless person? forgot ^^;;;;;)

    Now how can they be ugly? Like Hephaestus.

    (Sidenote: imo the gods should look stunning, because welll.... they are gods^^ Something higher than the humans...)

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  • Yourgirlyui

    I guess many of you have also read the Kane chronicles, if not go and read it already! XDD

    Ok, now my question:

    It was hinted that Greek/Roman Gods and the Egyptian Gods coexist in the same world. I wonder who or what decides where you go after your death: the underworld or the land of the dead?

    Any theories on this one?

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  • Yourgirlyui

    While reading PJO i had to think of the "good, old times" XD

    When there were still good cartoons on TV ;o;

    I think instead of movies they should produce a well written TV serial!

    Anyone feeling the same?^^


    Author Note: As you have seen i have disabled the commenting.

    Why? If everyone is thinking it stupid or whatever, then there is no point in discussing it.

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