Um..This is my first blog and I don't really know what to talk about. This is the first thing that came into my mind so, here it goes. (I know I shouldn't write here if I wanted to write to riordan, I'm doing this for the sake of the badge!) I just thought: isn't it unfair that the other cabins are quite less capable of doing things? Well, I liked the idea of the fire ability of Leo and strong charmspeaking ability of Piper but it's stated that they are pretty rare. I know that the children of the Big Three are special but I think Riordan must add more abilities to the other cabins. Yeah, Athena's are smart and all but I think it's lacking. How about some telepathy or telekinesis? Probably not but that's not the point. Also, the Ares'. Good in battling, huh? I think it would be good if they had an ability to urge fights with other people by speaking to them (similar to charmspeaking). I think that would be cool. Also, I'll like it if the Apollo kids have photokinesis. Finally, my favorite God, Hermes must also have powerful demigods. Maybe a superspeed abliity would satisfy me.

I wonder, whose God will be the other chosen demigods in the prophecy? Will Percy and Annabeth be in it? No offense but, I hope not. I want the other cabins to have their chance to shine. But I guess Percy will be included since he is the Greek counterpart of Jason. But how about the 3 others? Obviously, they will be Roman demigods. Maybe Demeter (Ceres) demigod will be great, for a change. Riordan made the Demeter kids less capable so this time, maybe he could somehow make their image cooler by a new Ceres kid involved with the prophecy. He has a chance to do this since the demigod is from the Roman camp. I would also like an Apollo demigod for the prophecy. I have this idea of the final battle where each Olympian are paired up with a demigod to defeat a Giant (like what Jason and Zeus did). According to a page here, Apollo and Hercules killed a giant by shooting arrows together. It'd be cool if an Apollo kid will battle with his father. Too bad there are only seven demigods. It will be nice to have twelve, one child per Olympian. I will also appreciate if Nico and Thalia will be given greater roles in the book (well, without involving their deaths!). Maybe, like, Nico has followed Percy in the Roman camp (but that's quite impossible since it was mentioned that he was also finding him). Or better, he can be the other demigod in the prophecy. It will be great if Artemis and Thalia kill a giant together. Wait, what if Artemis and Hestia had children? Silly idea but Athena is a virgin with demigod children. I heard Artemis' Roman form is not a virgin though she is according to my researches. Anyway, the point is Riordan can make things possible. Hey, another thing I discovered in a page here. Hecate and the Fates have killed giants in the 1st Giant war too. Maybe a Hecate kid can fullfill the prophecy but I don't like the idea that much (much less the idea of kids of the Fates!).

I didn't expect this blog will be this long coz I had no idea at first. Here's my last suggestion to Mr. Riordan. Since he said in The Lost Hero that souls are starting to flee from the Underworld, some good old characters that have died might return, too right? I'd like to see the good Luke returning to life! And the return of Bianca and Zoe...COOL! Silena and Beckendorf continuing their relationship at If Silena's back, Piper will have a best friend/sister in her cabin. They are both, like, "traitor-turned-heroes" you know. They could annoy Drew together! That'd be funny! Also, Beckendorf can make Leo insecure or even challenge him to be the counselor again. Or they could just be working together in building Argo II. Gabe seeing his statue will be funny, I think.

That's it! I've said all I want. Hope you guys like it! Please leave a comment. Sorry for some wrong grammars and hanging ideas. I'm not that good in English coz I'm not an American.