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Leo Valdez, inventor of the Valdezinator

This is the Valdezinator, of course!" He puffed out his chest. "It works by, um, translating your feelings into music as you manipulate the gears.

Leo Valdez to the god Apollo, in "The Blood of Olympus"

The Valdezinator is a musical instrument invented by Leo Valdez, and named after him. It translates feelings into music. It was traded to Apollo for the curse of Delos, an ingredient for the Physician's Cure.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus

When Apollo suggested bargaining with Leo for his help, Leo's hands immediately went to work. He started pulling objects from his Magical Toolbelt, saying that he never thought of any object in particular, his hands just pulled the right materials.

Apollo, current owner of the Valdezinator

Apollo becomes curious of Leo's contraption and asks him how it works. Leo pulls the crack handles, and immediately he recognized the melody playing as Calypso's, back in Ogygia. Leo assumed that the Valdezinator is able to translate feelings into music, just as it translated Leo's homesickness for Ogygia into Calypso's wistful and warm tunes.

Apollo becomes greedy and decides that the Valdezinator belongs to him, being the god of music. Leo bribes him into giving him directions to Asclepius, god of medicine, to obtain the Physician's Cure. Leo decides that the Valdezinator is worth more than a few words of advice, so Leo tortures Apollo with a sadder tune from the Valdezinator. Apollo feels more tempted to own the machine, so he exchanges it for the Curse of Delos, an important ingredient for the Physician's cure.

When Apollo tried the Valdezinator for the first time, it had sounded like a car engine, but he decided that he just needs more practice to master the Valdezinator.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Apollo said how he knew of Leo Valdez because Leo exchanged the Valdezinator for a magical daisy on the island of Delos.


The Valdezinator is described as a music box fused with an old-fashioned phonograph. It had layers of copper wire, like multiple sets of guitar strings, crisscrossed inside the funnel. rows of striking pins were controlled by levers on the outside of the cone, which was fixed to a square metal base with a bunch of crack handles.

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