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Victoria is a Greek demigod daughter of Apollo. She is the so-called President of the Ares fan club. Her personality is on par with Clarisse, daughter of Ares. She goes to the Underworld with Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Luke Castellan, and Isaac in The Lightning Thief video game, which is her only appearance.


She has short, blonde hair and appears to be about the same age as Percy.


Victoria's attacks are mostly Fire based. She also has a few risky physical attacks at her disposal. Victoria is resistant to Fire based attacks and is vulnerable to Water attacks.

Ability Name Effects Ability Cost
Angry Stab Risky Physical attack against a single enemy. 4
Sickening Thrust Risky Physical attack against a single enemy. Causes Weak vs Poison. 6
Searing Ray Fire damage against one enemy. 4
Lens Flare Blind a single enemy. 3
Inspiration Increase Strength for one ally. Increases Teamwork. 3
Raging Blow Risky, heavy Physical attack against a single enemy. 5
Sun Slash Fire Damage and Burn against one enemy. 6
Deep Cut Risky, heavy Physical attack against a single enemy. Causes Bleed. 8
War Song Increases Strength for all allies. Increases Teamwork. 6
Solar Wind Fire damage against all enemies. 8
Melt Armor Risky Fire attack against a single enemy; Causes Weak vs Physical. 7


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