Waterland is a dysfunctional and deserted water park located in Denver, Colorado, USA. It has a souvenir shop.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Ares and Aphrodite visited Waterland for a date. They usually visit such secluded and unexpected places to hide from Aphrodite's godly husband, Hephaestus. But Hephaestus had known of their date and had set a trap for the two gods beforehand. Realizing this, Ares and Aphrodite escaped in a hurry but left their shield and scarf behind by accident.

Ares meets Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood at a restaurant and  orders them to retrieve his shield. The three soon head to Waterland and along the way, Annabeth also grabbed some new clothing from an abandoned souvenir shop. Unknown to the group, Hephaestus had set up the Thrill Ride O' Love with traps for them. Percy, together with Annabeth, are caught on the ride, and broadcasted to Olympus as they are blasted into the air. While finding Ares' shield, they also retrieve Aphrodite's Scarf which contains fairly powerful love magic. The two items currently resides in the Big House Attic.


Ares, the one who made the trio go to Waterland.

Known Attractions

  • Thrill Ride O' Love
  • Ankle Biter Island
  • Head Over Wedgie
  • Dude, Where's My Swimsuit?
  • Lost River of the Pharaohs


  • Thrill Ride O' Love is the only ride featured in the novel fully and not just briefly mentioned.
  • Possibly, it closed because of Hephaestus as he set up the Thrill Ride O' Love.
  • It is never mentioned or featured in film.


The sign for the park has some letters smashed, so now it read "WAT R A D," and the main gate was padlocked and topped with barbed wire. Most of the rides and pools were empty, with old tickets and advertisements fluttering around the tarmac.

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