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The Waystation is a refuge for demigods, monsters and Hunters of Artemis where they could take shelter if needed.


It is located above the Union Station in Indianapolis, the new home of god-emperor Commodus. It was the subject of a prophecy that stated it had to be destroyed if Commodus was to rule safely. Right now it is taken care of by Hemithea, Josephine and Georgina, and Agamethus, before Trophonius was destroyed. Apollo, Leo and Calypso are brought here soon after they arrive in Indiana.

Its location is unknown to Commodus until Britomartis' Gryphons Heloise and Abelard, had been rescued. Trackers were placed on them and so, its location was revealed. Once Apollo and Meg had saved the prisoners, the prisoners began to live in the Waystation. The Hunters of Artemis visited often.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

The Waystation is shown when Apollo, Leo and Calypso are running from a group of Blemmyae and are taken their by Emmie.


The Waystation was a magical building, similar to the Labyrinth and could change it's shape to house any number of people or even animals.

Known inhabitants


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